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A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Freedom, & God’s Endless Love

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Have you ever felt like something was missing either within yourself or in your life—as if there’s a void that you can’t define and yet can’t escape? You’ve been trying to find your purpose, and sometimes you even question whether you have one.

Author Jill Allen has faced those questions and has discovered the way to show up as the woman she wants to be—the woman God designed and created her to be. Set Free reveals Allen’s heartbreaking and awe-inspiring life story. She recalls the fog surrounding the tragedy of her mother’s unexpected death when she was a young girl, her own near-fatal accident, and her relationship with God throughout every moment.

Using candid and relatable storytelling, she shares some of her darkest moments and traces her path to where she is today—a fierce woman of strong faith, a happily married wife of twenty years, and a proud mother of five. She details every step she took along the journey that led her to God’s unconditional love so you can take these exact steps to freedom and enjoy His peace too. In this inspirational personal narrative, one woman tells her life story to help women realize they can overcome anything with God.


Jill Allen is a business owner and the leading fitness and mindset coach at Jill Allen Coaching. She seeks to practice what she preaches by making personal growth a priority in her life and finds fulfillment in empowering women worldwide to break free from limiting beliefs and walk confidently in who they are in Christ. She and her husband, Rob, have five children. 

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