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I was afraid of fire for no reason; I didn't like it much. The crackle and pop of a fire on a cold winter day would always make me feel uneasy. The heat, the burn, and the random sparks that fly from the fireplace would startle me every time, making me gasp and jump from my makeshift blanket and pillow fort set up in front of the television.
Looking back, I am sure I exaggerated a bit. If I were asked to start a fire, there would be no way. Smokey the Bear must have spoken something fierce for me to stay away from matches and to not even think about fanning a flame. I could not even light a match. My chemistry lab partner, during my first year in college, would have to light the Bunsen burner only after he would make me sing "Light My Fire" by the Doors.

I can still hear it now… come on, baby, light my fire — the laughs, jokes, pokes, and prods of how ridiculous it was. Just light the fire, Jill. One day, he didn't show up for class, and I was left alone to start the flame.  Fast forward to now, fire is part of everyday life. I can't live without it, nor do I ever want to. The fire emoji is my favorite to add to social media or text messaging.  My girls tell me it's overkill… but I say, "Bring it on. Bring on the fire. I speak it, breathe it, and live with fire daily." I do not want you to live without the fire either. It's time to take that tiny flame in your heart and fan it. It's time to light that match and set your life on fire - God's fire - each day so that you show up to live the life you are called to live.



Jill Allen has devoted her life to inspiring women from all walks of life globally, empowering them to go beyond their boundaries and be who they are authentically through faith in Christ.

As a wife, mother, fitness coach, and mindset mentor - she is passionate about leading women toward God's purpose for their lives. Jill is the author of two emotionally- charged books, Set Free and Set Fire. Jill and her husband Rob are an adventurous couple with five children, leading hiking retreats and mission trips around the world that bring individuals closer to their faith. Through her speaking engagements, podcasts, and events - Jill aims to ignite a spark of courage in people so they can live their lives on purpose.

To keep in touch with Jill, you can subscribe to her podcast, Find Your Fierce as well as connect via her website @Jill Allen

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