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An online fitness program for busy everyday women that’s full of fast and fun and easy-to-do 20-minute workouts, delicious meal ideas, fierce motivation, and sisterly support to discover your strength and have faith to never give up!

You want to get fit, but you aren’t sure if you can fit in ONE MORE THING.
I’ve got the solution for you: Join me and an incredible community of women who are Fit and Fierce℠.

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Jill Allen


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"Even with bad knees, a full-time job, married with three kids...I still make time for me and workout three-four times a week. I’m eating more clean and drinking a gallon of water a day. I still have bigger goals, but I’m seeing progress (15#'s down) and others are now noticing my weight loss and how I’m losing inches as well. I love that I’m getting stronger. My knees hurt less when I workout! Thanks Jill for kicking my butt and keeping me motivated!”

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